Cortijo de Guerra

Bird Watching

Bird Watching the Cortijo de Guerra

The exceptional location of the farm makes it the perfect environment to observe birds of prey, steppe and passerines, which reflect the great variety of habitats and ecological sanctuaries that exist in the area.

You can see birds of prey such as the booted eagle,  Montagu’s harrier,  kestrel,  black kite,  buzzard,  blue elanium and nocturnal birds of prey such as the little owl or the European scops owl.

You can also see the wild red partridge,  calandria,  curlew,  terrera,  turtle dove, and the nightjar, this last specimen of nocturnal habits.

The passerines are represented with birds such as the hoopoe, the black-headed and capirotada warbler,  goldfinch,  verdigris,  verdon,  common shrike,  wren or the agateador.

Additionally it is the territory of endemic species such as the Iberian woodpecker.

There are up to 9 different routes for bird watching in the surroundings of the municipality of Puerto Real.

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