Cortijo de Guerra

Ecological farm

The Cortijo de Guerra has been certified for organic production SOHISCERT since 2012. We base our management and agri-food production on respect for the environment, the use of natural methods, the preservation of natural resources and production according to consumer preferences for food produced from natural substances and processes.

We treat the land with the utmost care, which is why the products we harvest are of extraordinary quality. Whenever we make a decision, we try to do so with the aim of ensuring the development and maintenance of high ecological standards. On a daily basis we see the constant transformation of the earth which compels us to treat it as the living organism that it is.


Ecological honey

In our estate lives some families of bees. Local beekeepers use our lands to care and raise the bees in the hive. Those beekeepers are known for the excellent quality of their ecological products. The honey that they produce can be bought in our store and there are different types.

The shop

Next to the reception there is a little shop. Besides of the seasonal ecological products that our farmlands offer, it can be found products from local enterprises of the province of Cádiz that share our passion for the gourmet, natural and delicious food.

The shop is open for our guest and visitors.